30/30 tonight New Dances at Velocity Dance Center 1621 12th Ave 8pm

“In the process of creating an indigenous form of modern dance, Japanese butoh founders discovered a universal poetry of the body. Rather than transcending the human condition, butoh asks us to descend into it- down into the turbulence, awkwardness and uncertainty of life- and from there, deep in the thick of things, we discover our own healing and capacity to love unconditionally.” Lani Weissbach

30/30 New Dances Tonight Velocity 1621 12th Ave Seattle 8pm

“MA the space between, is the global connective tissue of butoh, allowing the permeable passage of images in butoh alchemy. Moving through ma,butoh-a awaken self=reflexive moments in themselves and their audiences. Ma is not merely a perceptual and spatial concept; it is also an expansive state of mind. The mind that has been freed from thought can dwell in-between, not looking back with regret or forwad in anticipation.” Sondra Fraleigh

Higher Ground June 23rd Velocity Dance Center 8pm

Briana Jones

It takes one of the Suns protons a 100,000 years to travel from the core to the outer edge of the sun where it’s released and 8 minutes later it reaches us in the form of sunlight. The journey takes so long because it keeps bumping into plasma particles along the way. This is so like the journey our collective consciousness is taking. We are working on finding higher ground, and it’ slow go. We keep bumping into dead ends like quest for money, fame, power. When we reach the surface we shall surely fly to our destination where ever that is enjoy the ride.

Training Notes

Higher Ground

Whenever we begin to evaluate, deciding that we should or should not do this or that, then we have already associated our practice or our knowledge with categories, one pitted against the other, and that is spiritual materialism, the false spirituality of our spiritual advisor. Whenever we have a dualistic notion such as, “I am doing this because I want to achieve a particular state of consciousness, a particular state of being,” then automatically we separate ourselves from the reality of what we are. …when we formulate a second judgement, “I should be doing this and should avoid doing that” then we have achieved a level of complication which takes us a long way from the basic simplicity of what we are. The simplicity of meditation means just experiencing the ape instinct of ego. If anything more than this is laid onto our psychology, then it becomes a very heavy, thick mask, a suit of armor.
It is important to see that the main point of any spiritual practice is to step out of the bureaucracy of ego. This means stepping out of ego’s constant desire for a higher, more spiritual, more transcendental version of knowledge, religion, virtue, judgement, comfort or whatever it is that the particular ego is seeking.
Chogyam Trungpa

30/30 June 22nd & 23rd Velocity 8 pm


They tell how it was, and how time

came along, and how it happened

again and again. They tell

the slant life takes when it turns

and slashes your face as a friend.

Any wound is real.  In church

a woman lets the sun find 

her cheek, and we see the lesson:

there are years in that book: there are sorrows

a choir can’t reach when they sing.

Rows of children lift their faces of promise,

places where the scars will be.

William Stafford