For Jean

A hundred sorrows under a single snail:
wind and waves, poles of the line of vision,
birds sunk in the mist, and the mountains with
All the color of the south, still cold next to the skin.

Getting past this place, this autum of the heart,
one starts to know what hard traveling means.
The eveningsun lingers a moment on the sandbar.
I turn my head with one long sigh.
J.P. Seaton
Today is the day our Mother was born, Nov 21st 1906.
This day in 1783 the first hot air balloon flys over Paris
In 1859 this week Orgins of the Species was published, and in 1963 JFK was heading to Dallas. In 1980 350 million tuned in to Dallas to seewho shot JR.
Goldie Hawn born today, Voltaire, and Bjork

The 4 Thoughts That Turn the Mind Toward Spiritual Practice

Reminders on my birthday from Pema Chodron

1. Maintain an awareness of the preciousness of human life. This cultivates gratitude.

2. Be aware of the reality that life ends. This cultivates insight into impermanence.

3. That whatever you do has consequences. Karma

4. That self-importance and getting caught up thinking about how good or bad you are does not bring happiness

Obama Yes, Gay Marriage Yes

…”the answer to every question was ultimately the same answer. It is the answer that each of us has to come to for ourselves, the answer that each one of us needs to discover through our own process of self-inquiry. That answer is simply, “I am.” What is surrender? “I am surrender.” Surrender isn’t something I do, surrender isn’t an act that I perform. Surrender is an expression of my own truest being. No matter what question, I found that by the very end of it, I got to the same place- not to answer in the mind, but to a living sense that it all ended in “I am.” Adyashanti