For Cara, Vanessa, and Jeanie

GooselandingA Celebration of Life
If I Die–Pablo Neruda
IfI die, survive me with such sheer force
that you awaken the furies of the pallid and the cold,
from south to south lift your indelible eyes,
from sun to sun dream through your singing mouth,
I don’t want your laughter or your steps to waver,
I don’t want y heritage of joy to die.
Don’t call upmy person. I am absent.
Live in my absence as if in a house.
Absence is a house so vast
that inside you will pass through it’s walls
and hang pictures on the air
Absence is a house so transparent
that I, lifeless, will see you, living,
and if you suffer, my love,I will die again.




Afraid of the Dust

“Afraid of the dust, closely peering
at fragments, we go cautiously among
little things, finer and finer, till no one
is able to find us and we can follow
where the labyrinth wants us to go. Oh, do you
remember when the days were fastened to wheels
of a wagon and the sun waited for the mailman?
You put your hand on the ice they swept
from the delivery truck, and summer reeled back,
nailed again. They’ll never catch us now-
our town grabbed those years, and we ran and ran.
Listen-Paul went to jail. Mary
died in Denver below the tracks.
But our best summer has broken loose: it orbits
in the sky flickering over and over
it’s blind signal, Mary holding out again
a butterfly wing and a dime and an agate,
saying what proved to be true. “They’re for you,
they’re forever.”
William Stafford

Don’t Eat the Frankin Fish


OPENNESS By Adyashanti

“Openness has no particular location.  It seems to be everywhere.  It has room for anything.  There can be a thought or no thought. There can be a feeling or no feeling.  There can be sounds.  There can be silence.  Nothing disturbs openness.  Nothing disturbs your true nature.  We only get disturbed when… we go into opposition against what’s happening.