FIBUTOH Is going to be a awesome Butoh Festival in Chile!!

FIBUTOH 2018, the third international meeting of Butoh, will take place between October 1 and 15, in Santiago, Arica, Valparaíso and Quilpué. Among the international guests are Makiko Tominaga, Ken Mai, Yuko Kaseki and Kae Ishimoto, from Japan; Eugenia Vargas, from Mexico; Vangeline (USA / France), Daipan Butoh Collective (USA) and Tove-Elena, from Norway.

In this third edition, Fibutoh also brings two outstanding theorists: Bruce Baird, from the US and Emilio Rosales, from Mexico, who will give a talk and master class about Butoh, its influence on contemporary dance and its development in different parts of the world.

As in the previous versions, in Santiago there will be workshops given by teachers at the University of Chile and Uniacc. The functions will be developed at the Camilo Henríquez Theater. In Arica, the workshops and functions will take place in the MB2 center, and in Valparaíso