Butoh + Performance March 17th at Youngstown 7 pm

On the shortest day of the year- the winter Solstice in a 5000-year-old prehistoric chamber in Ireland a soul is hanging on a from the ceiling on a thin silver cord, beneath buried in the ground is a beating heart. 13,000 years ago, in Mexico lay the bones of 16-year-old girl who died lost in a deep cave looking for water. The rising sun on the Winter Solstice enters to the back of the Irish chamber and the Mexican cave and the light in the darkness bringing the possibility of two spirits finding their way. These are images from a new Brittle Sisters dance. A dance that began in the new year from my work in a workshop by Marissa Niederhauser called Dance Spell.

Taoist Studies Institute Butoh Performances May 11th Friday

6:45`7:30 Greenwood and Phinney Ave
Tiny Chindon- Ya Parade with Joan Laage, Kaoru Okumura, Ken and Kumiko Lawrence, Yoshiko Higashimura

8pm at Taoist Studies Institute 225 N 70th Seattle
Joan Laage “The Flame Within”
Kaoru Okumura “Noh-inspired Hamlet Butoh & Chanting” with Kumiko Lawrence