Taoist Studies Institute Butoh Performances May 11th Friday

6:45`7:30 Greenwood and Phinney Ave
Tiny Chindon- Ya Parade with Joan Laage, Kaoru Okumura, Ken and Kumiko Lawrence, Yoshiko Higashimura

8pm at Taoist Studies Institute 225 N 70th Seattle
Joan Laage “The Flame Within”
Kaoru Okumura “Noh-inspired Hamlet Butoh & Chanting” with Kumiko Lawrence


Training Notes

The ultimate state of dancing is to become so transparent that everything that arises internally and every thing that happens externally is met without any resistance or any holding on.  Everything is allowed to be just the way it is. without any effort or judgement.

Rehearsal for Higher Ground

everything just flows through your being with nothing in the way. we surrender to our own divine wildness.