Don’t Eat the Frankin Fish


OPENNESS By Adyashanti

“Openness has no particular location.  It seems to be everywhere.  It has room for anything.  There can be a thought or no thought. There can be a feeling or no feeling.  There can be sounds.  There can be silence.  Nothing disturbs openness.  Nothing disturbs your true nature.  We only get disturbed when… we go into opposition against what’s happening.

Training Notes

In butoh you can experience a state of mind that is free and clear of doubt. An unwavering mind unswayed by the ups and downs of fear, and you can glimpse a spark of unconditional acceptance and presence. There is no hesitation only honesty. The results of being present allows you the energy for performance. In Buddhism this energy is called Windhorse- discipline and delight becomes effortless and splendid. The Wind principle is energy of presence strong, exuberant, and brilliant! Horse principle is the letting go that results in radical acceptance of your self, and this moment exactly the way it is.. This gives butoh it’s shimmer and deep power. This writing is paraphrased from Chogyam Trungpa’s wonderful writing on letting go