Briana Jones pic I am influenced by everything around me, the currents of culture and politics. Everything I create is always intersecting with light, air, space, sounds, and my frame of mind, thoughts, ideas and moods. I want to create an environment that comments on the everyday world, but is not of the everyday world. I want to create a world that doesn’t distract you from yourself like TV, but a condition that draws you deeper into yourself and your questions. I want all my work to reveal, what Martha Graham calls, the landscape of the soul. I want raw deep beauty that is not afraid to show all of what it means to be human. I want to show what’s beneath the skin, into the shadows; the unknown, where I am also you. From this depth springs a revolution that embraces the evolution of freedom.

photo: Briana Jones

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    • Hi Deanne, I don’t teach often, but Joan Laage (my teacher) has been at the Taoist Institute in the greenwood area on Fridays. If your interested I can find out if and when she is re starting classes.

  1. Helen,

    I am very impressed with what you have accomplished in terms of your are over the decades! I should surrender to envy but I prefer to feel that however stormy former years between us were very long ago that there was some sort of shared viewpoint that for a brief time we enjoyed. I have retreated and you have forged ahead. Bravo!


    P.S. My longstanding email is defunct.

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