Cara Ross Berman

Cara Ross Berman

“The true spiritual urge or yearning is always an invitation beyond the mind. That’s why it’s always been said that if you go to God, you go naked or you don’t go at all. It’s the same for everybody. You go in free of your accumulated knowledge, or you are forever unable to enter.
When you stop holding on to all the knowledge, then you start to enter a different dimension. You move into a dimension where experience inside gets very quiet. The mind may still be there chatting in the background or it might not, but consciousness is no longer bothering itself with the mind… Your awareness just goes right past that wall of knowledge and moves into a very quiet state.
In this quietness, you realize that you don’t know anything simply because you aren’t looking back to the mind for it’s acquired knowledge. This quietness is a mystery to the mind. It is something unknown. As you go into depth, you literally go into deeper experience of what seems to be a great mystery… The mystery just keeps opening to itself…” Adyashanti

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