Chimera My Evil Twin


news year day with Mickey

“…there is only this… This invitation asks you to cease bargaining with life, with this moment, yourself, your teacher, your friend, your mate. Just stop. This fire is unseen and unknown, and yet it burns everything other than itself…” You are Freedom

Butoh training

“Possibly the only fear greater than death is love, real love. Finding out that you do love, that this is your nature, is the beginning of the end for everything in you that thinks it is separateStonehenge. When you get upset with people, it’s really because the love is there and you don’t want it to be…
True love has nothing to do with liking someone, agreeing with him or her,or being compatible. It is a love of unity, a love of seeing God wearing all the masks and recognizing itself in all of them. Without it, truth becomes an abstraction that is sort of cool and analytical, and that is not the real Truth. The Truth exposes itself in the willingness to open to this intimate connectedness with everything.” Adyashanti